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Custom Training

Your brain wants to learn just as much as zombies want your brain. In fact, you subconsciously ignore things that are boring. (Like your nose, you can always see it, but your brain is ignoring it. Until now- I just made you aware of your nose.)

So we focus on two things when we do training. One of those is keeping it interesting. Hopefully, these webpages have made you chuckle; we are teaching you about our company and that should be entertaining as well.  The other thing we have to do is keep it relevant. Our custom training takes that to the next level. You learn exactly what you need to succeed.

Maybe using these advanced techniques to find sales prospects isn’t what landed you here. Perhaps you are more likely to have your thinking engine firing on all cylinders if we focus on using these techniques in a different industry. We have taught our advanced research hacks outside of finding people on many occasions. From film directors looking for cutting edge ways to use green screen technology to real estate offices monitoring the history of properties to some of the most cutthroat online shoppers you will ever meet, we’ve given them the skills to do online research better than their competition. 

In order for us to give you a proposal for custom training, we need to have a good understanding of what type of data you need to access.  Once we have that information, we make decisions. 

  • Is the data accessible?  Sometimes it isn’t. 
  • Does this need to be done on-site or can we teach your team virtually? There are pros and cons to both. 
  • How many hours of training will it require to ensure the team understands the techniques? A typical custom session runs 8 to 25 hours. 

Just like with speaking engagements, we are not your cheapest option.  Custom training starts at $10K and goes up from there.