$5,000 – $10,000

Tricia and Jason are available to speak to your employees, professional groups, student organizations and wine tastings. I stress wine tastings, but really any kind of social party is fine. We will teach advanced online research techniques wherever you need them.

Except seances. We’ve all been there. If your business is built on some ancient burial ground, it’s time to move. Troubled by a ghost in the machine? Have a favorite online haunt?  We no longer remove those, nor do we teach Boolean to the any form of the Undead. Money is great, but even we have standards.

  • Your conference- your topic
  • Any level of class or subject tangentially related to search
  • Everything you like about us, just in real life
  • Top rated at multiple conferences for the past several years


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Tricia and Jason are available to speak on a very flexible basis.  Between them they have taught on a huge variety of subjects. All of the standard classes can be taught in a live forum, as well as Facebook and semantic searching, Image searching, Logic tables, Online Search Security- even the best use of your existing databases. This is the niche we live in.

At conferences and corporate events (not including our In-House full and multi-day options) we have spoken for as little 75 minutes to about 200. Group sizes have ranged from as few as five to over 150. We would love to coordinate a message for your group and deliver it in a fun and enthusiastic way.

The whole time we’re there
So many
Skill Required:
Depends on what we are teaching
Forum Included: