I’d like to make an introduction to Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault – two highly talented trainers in our industry. They’ve presented a series of webinars for our company and train/speak at numerous National conferences …which are usually standing room only.

-Amy West, People 2.0

Want Jason & Tricia to Speak at Your Next Event?


Each year we speak at anywhere from five to ten conferences. And every single time we’ve been rated as one of the top speakers. There’s a few reasons why. Some speakers have a pre-planned hour or so they give a few times a year. Same content, different venue. We don’t do that – we have over 100 hours of content and we are constantly adding to it. But that’s just one reason. We don’t just know our industry… we love it. We’re having fun speaking, and that’s infectious. You’ll see from our many reviews how many people declare us entertaining, funny, and a pleasure to have. And in nearly every instance, we speak in pairs – and we always interact with the audience. Which would you rather see, a 90-minute one-man play, or a fully-interactive two-person show?


Recruiting Beyond 2020

A look at how trends in the economy, marketplace, generation culture, and technology will power your business past the year 2020. Hilarious examples of why and how past predictions weren’t always seen with perfect vision. You’ll be entertained while also learning some of the technologies on the horizon in recruiting. If you are worried about artificial intelligence taking over our industry, you’ll be happy to learn why the things you fear could make your day.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why you can’t fear the future
  • What you should fear anyway
  • How we’re living the future
  • What won’t come to pass

Moore Power Tools

They have tools which give new technology for a fraction of what others pay. Tools which make their proposals look better than anyone else’s. Tools which get them quoted in magazine’s like Finance and Entrepreneur. Even tools to keep their candidates from being hired down the road without a fee being paid. Tricia and Jason are constantly trying out new technologies and apps to see what works best. You’ll get links to all the best ones by the end of the session

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better looking proposals
  • Free email tracking
  • Personality predicting software
  • So many more free (and cheap) tools

Boolean Free Sourcing

Sure, Tricia and Jason teach advanced search techniques, but you can also find people without knowing Boolean or paying for anything. Bring your laptops for this training, because they will take you out live to the internet to prove you can find candidates you never knew existed, without spending hours to learn advanced Boolean search techniques. And because they use these tricks themselves, you know even the experts use these shortcuts.

How many sessions let you leave with candidates?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Online Techniques for those afraid of technology
  • Image based search for visual learners
  • Company directory search
  • No cost options

So much more…

We’ve taught sourcing, recruiting, business development, Facebook sourcing, professionalism, interview techniques, legal issues, and even the tie-ins between dating and recruiting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basically just ask, if your theme isn’t something we can do, we’ll point you in the right direction. We may know someone.

ATTENTION MEETING PLANNERS! Need Supporting Documents?


When you hire Moore eSSentials to speak at your event or meeting, you can expect the highest level of professionalism. We pride ourselves on providing all the information you need (bios, headshots, introductions and summaries) long before you need it. We’ll speak multiple times before the event, and do social promotion to our giant network. We build a dedicated webpage for your group with downloads and links that support our presentation. Most of all, we’ll deliver a highly engaging presentation delivered with energy and filled with “ah-ha” moments for your attendees. Once you’ve hired us you can rest easy that everything will go off without a hitch.

Enthusiastic Love from Planners & Attendees

Jeff Schenkel

-General Manager/COORiver Forest Country Club

I want to thank Tricia and Jason for their wonderful presentation they made to our Midwest Club Managers Spring Educational seminar. Their “165 Hour Interview” seminar was spectacular. They were very well prepared, informative, funny, and their presentation was very well received. They kept a group of weary managers entertained and engaged and were the hit of the weekend. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You won’t be bored!!! Our after-conference survey of the attendees gave Tricia and Jason the highest rating of all our speakers. They received 10 out 10 across the board with many attendees looking to secure them for future educational events. They even hung out after the session was over and shared their insights with the attendees and answered questions well into the night. As the Education Chair for our Chapter I and always looking for new and different speakers that can offer fresh insights into what we do. I will most certainly be calling Tricia and Jason for future events.

Shannon Encinger

-Executive Banking RecruiterCastlestream

I attended Tricia and Jason’s seminar last Friday to learn how to utilize Boolean search strings in my recruiting role. She and Jason did a fantastic job! They were engaging, funny, patient, and great at sharing their knowledge and skills. I’ve never enjoyed a class or seminar the way I enjoyed theirs!

Meredith Daly

-President, GAPS

As President of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services, I invited Tricia and Jason to conduct a full day training session for our organization and the response from the attendees was fantastic! Everyone had a great time and we all walked away with fabulous new sourcing and development tools we could implement right away.Working with them to arrange this training was a real treat.Tricia is one of the most organized people you’ll meet, so it was a pleasure working with her to pull the event together.In true Moore eSSentials form, Tricia made herself my partner. We can’t wait to have them back!

Cielle Santistevan

-Manager of Operations , High Country

Tricia and Jason are nothing short of a breeze to work with! Earlier this month they were guest speakers at a training event that I was running. It was my first time putting an event like this together and I couldn’t have asked for better guest speakers. Tricia had the agenda and content to me months prior to the event so I was able to market it and get the word out early. When the day of the event finally arrived, we ran into some technical difficulties and my first instinct was to panic but they found a work around and didn’t show the slightest glimmer of stress. We got through the day with no other issues but did run out of time before the presentation was over. Tricia and Jason made plans to finish the presentation via a webinar the following week. Feedback was great and the class itself was very informative! Can’t wait to have them back for more training.

Lisa Guidry

-CEO, Extreme Technologies, Inc.

“Tricia brings a deep level of professional expertise to her clients. Her knowledge and passion for what she does is evident in the results that her clients receive from her classes. The one thing that sets her apart from other trainers is her character and integrity of ensuring your success beyond the transaction. It’s totally appreciated!”

Jay Mansfield

-Enterprise Sales Manager, Accenture

“Tricia is, without question, the most knowledgeable and hard working executive that I’ve met in the staffing/recruitment industry. Her industry expertise and her work ethic make her an asset to any technology professional, regardless of where they are in their career. Tricia’s honesty and integrity show in every aspect of her work and it led to my acceptance of employment with CPG. I’m very pleased to be part of a “like thinking” and respected consulting firm like CPG Solutions. Thank you, Tricia, for putting us together.”

Linda Clark-Borre

-Faculty, California State University

“Tricia and I met a few years ago…what an inspiring experience. The hallmark trait of Tricia? She cares for people…her family, staff and everyone who ventures into conversation with her. She’s a rare blend of determination, courage, kindness personified, and blunt honesty. When I thought of running my own business, I thought of her as an admirable person who made it, and a great role model for success.”

Patrick Krook

-Managing Partner, Only Driven LLC

“Tricia is a bright and imaginative entrepeneur. She is one of the most professional and knowledgable I know within the staffing industry.”

Don Chadwick

-President, Excelsior Financial Technology Recruiting

“Tricia is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Just a great person to speak with and get direction. Great classes”

Connie Bunn

-Retired, CPR

“Tricia and Jason are so much fun and they teach you so much! The kind of people that you would love to hang out with as well as learn from.”

Stacey McCreery

-Founder, ROI Search Group

“Not all training is created equally. The training Jason and Tricia and the team at Moore eSSentials provides is exceptional. Their training has given our firm the ability to find unfindable people. Their style is engaging, witty, and fun. But most importantly, when we are bringing a new employee onboard, they are the first place we look to for training. They are the very best.”

Howard Frankel

-President, Howard Frankel

“I could write volumes about the superiority of your training, your processes, and your systems…. versus the training that I had received from Korn Ferry and other trainers. Your support to the students is very hands on and is practical… it’s more about results than measurement of processes or mastery of systems. Yours is the best training that I have ever seen! I feel refreshed, invigorated, and focused.”

Victoria Brahma

-President, AIM Healthcare Recruiting

“This is by far one of the best Recruiter Training Programs in the industry! Great investment and a must for, every Recruiter, in any field!”

Cat Colson

-Talent Sourcer Consultant, Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

“Just wanted to thank you for the idea of “Just in Time” Recruiting. It’s been working well and I feel like I am more productive. Sometimes changing your mindset or just doing one thing differently can really make a difference. I felt like I was in a rut, so this really helped!!”

Dave Burr

-Senior Partner, Sedgefield Search

“Training can be a drag – when someone else pays for it. But when it’s on your own dime, you want something relevant and impactful. Tricia and Jason make training fun, but challenging, with different assignments and homework every day. If you want to coast, this isn’t for you; but if you seek measurable results (new clients and job orders), a class with Moore eSSentials is well worth your investment.”

Eleanor Meekins

-President, Elenor Meekins & Associates

“I LOVE your training. You and Jason do such a great job. I cannot recommend you more highly.”

Greg Eskew

-General Manager, Smith Staffing Inc.

“The information they teach has limitless potential and their knowledge of the subject matter is remarkable.”

Robb Mulberger

-President, NRI Staffing

“Tricia is an excellent trainer… clear – concise – and patient with the “I don’t yet understand” questions. And a great voice – very important for webinars vs in-person training sessions. Pre and post session materials well done and provide the means for future review. A strong recommend. Feel free to contact me with any questions or for further comments.”


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