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You already know what you will be learning during your free demo, but we’ll rehash anyway. If you have a free account, your internal searches are limited. We can help. Don’t be their cash cow, enjoy this free demo instead.

Now on to other things. You may already aware that we bought the eSSentials division from Peter in June of this year. One of the advantages for you is all the new class material we are developing.  We have a new program coming in October, called Recruiter Reboot. This is not limited to new recruiters. It works for anyone, new or experienced that wants the latest techniques in what we define (within the Moore OS) as the third stage of recruiting. The first stage is getting the job requirement, the next step is getting to a candidate. Reboot gives you the tools, electronic and otherwise, to actually turn all that into revenue. No bull!

One more thing. As a past student you are able to retake eSourcing eSSentials at a hefty discount. Take the August or October sessions for $700 if you have ever taken them in the past. Feel free to check out our other classes, if you’ve forgotten anything.

There are some companies that would want you to buy their products for the biggest profit margin possible. Let us tell you, it is really hard to not be that company. You make it so much easier by being great students.

Here’s the thing though. You could make it easier yet. In just days, (on August 1, 2015) the eSSistant will stop being $400 for the lowest number of downloads and increase to $1600. It is already that price for anyone who has not taken class before.

We’ve sent you emails. We posted it in the Moore eSSentials forum. Taylor Swift wrote a hit song about it. If you don’t know about the final days for the old price, there isn’t much else we can do to make sure don’t pay the premium.

Our apologies to Ms. Swift. It turns out the song “You Belong with Me” has nothing to do with E.C.H.O. We weren’t trying to be so mean.