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You already know what you will be learning during your free demo, but we’ll rehash anyway. If you have a free account, your internal searches are limited. We can help. Don’t be their cash cow, enjoy this free demo instead.

Now on to other things. Moore eSSentials is a company devoted to training recruiters. For five years, we were a division of the Morgan Consulting Group under Peter Leffkowitz. The success of our programs enabled us to buy his share and grow in all new ways. Our flagship program is eSourcing eSSentials. This is a 4 week program (4 hours per week) that you take from the comfort of your desk. You will learn how to see everyone on LinkedIn, regardless of Commercial Search Limitations or number of connections. You will gain access to 85% of all directories in North America. You will learn to source passive candidates on a dozen different sites (Google+, ZoomInfo,, Blogger, WordPress, and so many more.) There will no longer be a need for any InMails. You will be able to find anyone’s email address. Simply put, you invest $1200 and 16 hours of time, and we will make it so you never run out of qualified candidates to contact.

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A few years ago we (okay, Jason) developed a tool to make sourcing fully automated. Essentially, it combines a bunch of powerful searches into one point-and-click application. We call it the eSSistant. (Or sometimes, E.C.H.O)

If you feel like finding candidates extremely easily is better for you than struggling along slowly, we recommend it. And because you’ve chosen to join us for the free demo, we have a special deal for you. Call in to purchase and we will give it to you for half off the normal $1600 price when you also sign up for an eSSentials class.

In short, our students love this tool. We use it whenever we search. Taylor Swift even wrote a hit song about it. And we are giving you $800 off when you purchase it with a training class. Take a few moments and watch our demo.

Our apologies to Ms. Swift. It turns out the song “You Belong with Me” has nothing to do with E.C.H.O. We weren’t trying to be so mean.