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Building Captivating Cadences

These days you have to reach out more than once. And it's gotta be good...

Recruiting messaging is a mess and generally comes off like Spam. To capture the attention of candidates, you often need multiple points of contact across several mediums just to stand a chance. We won’t just give you messaging, but you will leave the ability to build your own unique multiple point cadence for recruiting (or BD!)

Learning Outcomes:

  • You’ll leave with great messaging
  • Unique multi-point cadences for your outreach
  • You’ll learn why your messaging isn’t working!

Moore Power Tools

We could talk on this subject for hours. What do you need the tech to do?

There are tools which give us new technology for a fraction of what others pay. Tools which make their proposals look better than anyone else’s. Tools which get them quoted in magazines like Finance and Entrepreneur. Even tools to keep their candidates from being hired down the road without a fee being paid. Tricia and Jason are constantly trying out new technologies and apps to see what works best. When it makes the cut, they’ll give them all to you. They’ll even give you a link to get many of the ones they show you (and more) before the end of the session.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Depends partially on the length and the needs of the audience 
  • Direct links to (usually free) tools to make your job easier
  • Examples include: time management, social management, audience building and more

Boolean-Free Sourcing

Decrease your sourcing time by 80%

Sure, Tricia and Jason teach advanced search techniques, but you can also find people without knowing Boolean or paying for anything. Bring your laptops for this training, because they will take you to the internet to prove you can find candidates you never knew existed, without spending hours to learn advanced Boolean search techniques. And because they use these tricks themselves, you know even the experts use these shortcuts.

How many sessions let you leave with candidates? 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Online Techniques for those afraid of technology
  • Image based search for visual learners
  • Company directory search
  • No cost options

Return to Base!

Getting Remote Workers Interested in Leaving Home

It’s been a challenge since the pandemic. Fifty percent of applicants apply to the <20% of jobs which are remote. Even if you can specifically target and engage the remaining 50%, you are still playing with half a deck. We’ve developed messaging and communication techniques to help you get the half of workers uninterested in in-person work, engaged again. 

You’ll leave with more confidence and specific messaging to get reinvigorate half the workforce, we won’t get all of them… but you’ll have more candidate options.

Chances are you have been searching for a training which we nearly-exactly provide. You owe it to yourself and your team to learn more.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop communication skills to reframe the “evils” of in-person work
  • Scripts and Messaging, prewritten, to get the ball rolling
  • An understanding of how to communicate with virtual jobseekers
  • You’ll leave better able to handle clients with this need – and maybe talk them out of it

AI and U

When Intelligence Ruins Business

There’s a multitude of helpful AI and smart processes to make your business more efficient. Yet, replacing human facing roles with a machine can be disastrous. If you own a restaurant, using a robot in the kitchen which always follows the exact recipe, re-orders stock via algorithm, and never gets hurt is the better option than using a robot to take orders. Increasingly, companies choose to do the latter. You’ll leave this session knowing a little more about AI and a lot more about how not to ruin your business with AI.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to incorporate some aspects of AI into your business
  • The areas which candidates and clients NEVER want you to automate
  • How to juggle AI as an employee

Beyond the Numbers Game

Building the Trust Which Leads to Relationships

A “no” doesn’t really get you closer to a yes. A relationship gets you closer to a yes. Too many recruiters treat our job like a series of calls and transactions, while saying it’s a relationship-based business. At its core, recruiting is about putting someone else in one of the most stressful positions in life, and making a profit from it. That takes trust – and trust takes a relationship. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • You’ll learn our communication strategy which builds better relationships with candidate
  • We could say the same out clients, and loved ones as well
  • Simply- you learn how to have better relationships

The Scary Language of Recruiting

Interview. Resume. Salary. (Oh my!)

When you’re a recruiter, you become numb to the words we use and the stressful impact our daily communications have on others. In this death-defying hour, you’ll narrowly avoid the pitfalls associated with terrifying your candidates. Instead, you’ll open doors to new opportunities and make almost everybody more willing to work with you. 

Key Takeaway: You’ll learn how to modify your existing scripts and emails with language that gets past spam filters and makes people more likely to respond to you.

Learning Outcomes:

  • People who are normally afraid of change will talk to you!
  • Email filters will have a better relationship with you
  • Your communication will become more fluid and relaxed 

How is Recruiting Like Dating

Besides the disappointment

We play matchmaker with strangers for money. Some of us are looking for permanent hires, others something a little more short term. Just so long as the fit is right.

We’ve often said that recruiting is just like dating. And dating advice is everywhere. We’ll put it to the test when we compare things you’re supposed to do on a date, versus what you should do when you’re recruiting. Fair warning, you’re buying your own drinks.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This is a fun program, usually delivered with an Adult rating
  • You’ll learn the things you’re doing which may make you “undateable”
  • Becomee a better “date” both for your business and for, you know.

Referrals From Weakness

If you're asking, you may be doing it wrong

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