Being Zen

Do you know the zen joke: The Dalai Lama orders a pizza. They ask what he’d like on it… “Make me One with Everything.” This is our equivalent offering. Sometimes you want all this training, and there should be some sort of package deal.

But Zen is more than that. Zen is a commitment which takes great mental focus. Zen also says many things can be an art. Take sourcing, anyone can do it. But you can also spend a lifetime mastering it. That’s a kickstart on your way to enlightenment.

Option A

We have highly impactful training programs for those people who are already a recruiter, owner or manager, and all you need is the training. We have a package deal for individual solo practioners to be able to access all our training, and participate in it live. This combines your ability to jump right in and start learning at your own pace with On-Demand Training, but you also get to attend classes live for personal attention. You have access to your On-Demand Training for six months, and can attend each of our live programs once.  Here are the specifics of what’s included:

  • eSourcing eSSentials On-Demand (16 hours of video)
  • Client Cornucopia On-Demand (16 hours of video)
  • Recruiter Reboot On-Demand (16 hours of video)
  • Posting Perfection On-Demand (4 hours of video)
  • Facebook Fuel On-Demand (4 hours of video)
  • Mail Mastery On-Demand (2 hours of video)
  • Effective Outsourcing On-Demand (2 hours of video)
  • Attend eSourcing eSSentials, Client Cornucopia, Recruiter Reboot and Facebook Fuel live.
  • Two hours of 1:1 coaching with Tricia and/or Jason


One-time payment of $5000 or $500 per month for 12 months

This option can be customized for your small office of four, or your entire recruiting staff of 400. Maybe you want access for 12 months, or you need more time from us in individual coaching. This package can be customized to your specific needs.

Option B

With so much variation to Option A, you may be wondering how could there even be another option. On occasion, we’ve trained a single person on everything AND everything they needed to start and run their recruiting business.

New to the industry people have taken this, as well as recruiters who are striking out on their own. It includes much more detail, down to your contracts. We also consult with you on everything from what your industry focus will be, to your company name and logo, even help you through those first few stumbling blocks.

Here are the specifics of what’s included:

  • Everything in Package A, but with 12 months of access
  • Fifteen additional hours of private training to cover the following possible topics:
    • Identification and Selection of Niche Market (Automation of Information Flow)
    • Technology and Infrastructure (Equipment, Software, Security, Subscriptions, Outsourcing)
    • Operations and Financial Management (Contract Templates, Fee Structures, Guarantee Periods, Banking, Insurance)
    • Branding and Establishing Online Presence (Name, Logo, Website, LinkedIn Profile, Social Media)
  • Private training dashboard also includes recordings of all coaching sessions organized with summaries and supporting documentation and links.

Think of it as everything with a mentor coaching package thrown in to ensure you launch your business successfully.


One-time payment of $13,000 or $1250 per month for 12 months.

(Yes, we know you can buy any number of recruiting franchises. But in addition to your start-up expenses, you’ll have to pay them forever. Don’t do that. Start your own search firm instead.)

What do I do?

For either case, you definitely need a discovery call. Get in touch with Tricia and she will talk you through what we can do for you, based on what you need. Her phone number is 630.830.3000 and her email is Call her. She answers her own phone.