People hire us to rebuild their hiring and recruiting processes. We make it easier to learn and offer more follow on support than anyone in the industry. Explore our classes.
Some of our classes include a focus on technology, and we make sure you can handle it. Tricia and Jason are amazing speakers, not programmers! Our goal is to teach you how to be more powerful, not show you what the internet can do. If you can open a browser, you can do this.
Sometimes the answer to one question makes all the difference. If you’ve taken any class with us, we welcome your questions and will respond. If you’ve completed a full eSourcing eSSentials program or Private Training, you have lifetime support through the eSSentials Forum. For many other classes, we routinely invite past students to free webinars to stay on top.
Nothing has changed for you. eSSentials keeps improving and we have so many more classes than before. Peter has announced his retirement, but the last we checked he was still teaching what he always has.