Revolutionizing Recruiting Through Training, Coaching, and Speaking

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New Agency

It’s time to go out on your own. Don’t share your revenue with a franchise. We’ll guide you through the process to end up with a profitable search firm.

Sourcing Training

Struggling to find qualified candidates? Find almost everyone, almost everywhere, and decrease your sourcing time by 80% or more. Tool included.

Group Coaching

Not ready to take the plunge into Private Coaching? Start with a Group Coaching program to support you in your recruiting evolution.

AI for Recruiters

Use AI to make more placements. Techniques from basic to absolute genius, learn it all. 15 years ago we made Sourcing easy, now we’re doing the same with AI.

Private Coaching

World-class athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs have coaches. It’s how they push past the competition. Why don’t you? See if you qualify for Private Coaching.