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Welcome to Moore Moments, where we serve up bite-sized morsels of inspiration and wisdom from our online recruiting classes, brought to you by the dynamic duo, Jason and Tricia! As experienced trainers and industry experts, we are passionate about helping recruiters enhance their skills, grow their careers, and achieve success.

With hours of live training and coaching every week, we have a bottomless source of magic dust to sprinkle across the industry. Moore Moments are where we share some of the most memorable bits, offering valuable tips, techniques, and wisdom to help you become the best recruiter you can be.

Understanding Moore Moments


Is ChatGPT Written by Humans?

We will teach you how to prompt and manipulate Chat GPT to work in your favor and leverage this AI device to save you time and make more money! 

Unlocking the Recruiting Power of ChatGPT

By leveraging Chat GPT, recruiters can improve their response time, increase efficiency, and ultimately, find the best candidates for their open positions.

Will Humans Be Replaced by AI ?

Jason and Tricia dive into the alarming possibilities of AI diminishing humanity’s thinking and creativity!

Does ChatGPT Have Feelings? Its Answer Will Shock You

Tricia & Jason put an AI language model to the test, asking it to act as an empathetic therapist. You won’t believe the shockingly supportive responses they received!

Mastering AI Communication: Unleashing the Power of Parameters

Join Jason and Tricia as they dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence communication! In this video

Unraveling AI: Anomalies and Inaccuracies Explained

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and explore the anomalies and inaccuracies that set AI apart from human intelligence.


Make Fun of Other Recruiters? Why Yes

In this engaging and insightful video, Tricia and Jason discuss the importance of understanding your niche when it comes to recruitment.

Should Recruiters Use Email Campaigns..

In this video, Tricia and Jason share their tips for using email campaigns as a first outreach, combined with a phone call within moments of using each.

Master VMS Systems

Seasoned recruiters Jason and Tricia discuss strategies for success when using a VMS system, even when there is no contact or feedback.

Developing Candidate Trust

Are you a recruiter struggling to get candidates to trust you? In this video, we share a clever email subject line that will get candidates to open your messages..

It Took Less than 3 Minutes to Email a Poem to a Candidate

Discover how to stand out as a recruiter on LinkedIn using AI-generated, customized poems and theme songs!

Mastering Contract Durations & Conversion Fees: Insider Tips for Client Satisfaction

Are you struggling to determine the optimal contract duration and conversion fees for your clients?

Overcoming the Internal TA Objections: Secrets to Winning Over Hiring Managers

In this video, we dive into the world of recruitment and the common obstacle of encountering internal Talent Acquisition (TA) teams.

Recruiter Confidence Boost: Overcome Your Fear of Silent Clients

Are you a recruiter struggling with anxiety when clients don’t respond immediately?

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