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You didn’t find us by accident. You came searching for a way to close more deals, a way to do your job more effectively, make more money and do so in less time. Yes, we have that.

Many people think it must be a gimmick. There is no way you can have all that happen for free. We never said it was free, Bucko. We have spent years developing these techniques, training them, and refining them repeatedly.

Remember the TV shows and movies with the nerdy hacker guy who can find anything online? Some of that is dramatic license, and the rest can be trained. To almost anyone. We’ve taught real estate agents, movie directors, little old ladies and children.  Teaching the same techniques to recruiters and sales people hungry for bigger earnings is cake.

Our highly paid marketing consultants told us what we should write on our ABOUT page. But we aren’t going to do that. When we were young, you couldn’t find people this easily online. We had to pound the pavement, dial for dollars and it was always snowing. You don’t know how good you whippersnappers have it. Ever since Keanu Reeves invented the internet people just don’t know the value of hard work.

Ok, so The Matrix was just a movie.  This is the area of the website where we talk about all the marketing nonsense and why you should invest in this fabulous training. But we refuse. As much as we may be full of… nonsense, there is no need to use it for marketing. As far as we can tell, you have a lot of options when it comes to the massive amounts of data available online. *Let me explain massive. The CEO of Google recently estimated that the internet contains 5 million terabytes of data. To put that in perspective, imagine a byte of data is equal to a bite of a sandwich, and a mini-cheeseburger is about five bites. You would need to eat a billion billion sliders.

Your options,

  1. Ignore the data, pick up the phone and dial until you are successful. Or go door to door. Same idea.
  2. Pay someone to sell you data. Some places will sell you 15,000 names for $5,000. Almost half of which might be viable prospects. They will get it from the internet without knowing what you need or why, so of course it’s not accurate.
  3. Pay someone a small fortune to sell you good data. Much more expensive, but more reliable and a higher return on your investment. Good data starts around $1 per name.
  4. Find the data yourself.

We teach you how to do 4. Teach a man to fish is what we called it in the olden days.

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