You’re Not Here By Accident

You’re searching for a way to close more deals. A way to do your
job better. You want to make more money in less time.

Yes. We can help with that.

Is it a Gimmick?

Some people think it must be. There’s no way you can have all that happen for free. We never said it was free, Bucko. We’ve spent years developing these techniques, training them, and constantly refining.


But we won’t charge you a ridiculous amount. In fact, our clients frequently tell us what a great investment our training has been for their company. We know what happens once you put the techniques to work. ROI is immediate, and your investment in training becomes fractional.

Remember the TV shows and movies with the nerdy hacker guy who can find anything online? Some of that is dramatic license, and the rest can be learned. By almost anyone. We’ve taught real estate agents, movie directors, little old ladies and children. We’ve had students that didn’t know how to right click on a mouse, and students who wrote code for a living. If you want to learn, we can teach you.


But teaching our techniques to people whose success is maximized once they get to the right people? That’s the cherry on top for us. Nothing is more important to us than getting you to the results you need. That’s why we’re here.


This is not a picture of Jason and Tricia teaching class. Here’s how you can tell: Even if you’ve never met or seen either one of them before today, they don’t look like they’re having fun. Throughout class, you’ll hear them joking and talking to each other almost like a morning radio show. We skip the musical interludes, except when Tricia sings. (Just kidding, she would never let that happen.)


We obviously didn’t listen to them.

When we were young, you couldn’t find people this easily online. We had to pound the pavement, dial for dollars and it was always snowing. You don’t know how good you whippersnappers have it. Ever since Keanu Reeves invented the internet people just don’t know the value of hard work.

Ok, so The Matrix was just a movie. This is the area of the website where we talk about all the marketing nonsense and why you should invest in this fabulous training. But we refuse. As much as we may be full of… nonsense, there is no need to use it for marketing. You’ll learn a lot about us by watching the 90 second video of testimonials.


You may be in the ABOUT section of our website to learn a few things. If you want to learn about the classes, click through Offerings to Courses or Live Training, depending on your interest. If you want to learn more about our company, Moore eSSentials, or learn about the amazing background of Tricia or Jason, we have an even more fun option.

We have a couple other solutions. If you’d like to have a conversation with Tricia or Jason just reach out to them directly to set up a time to talk. Tricia can be reached at tricia@mooreessentials.com and Jason can be reached at jason@mooreessentials.com. They’d love to hear from you. Sometimes, you can learn the most about a company by what other people say. Read through the recommendations from our past clients below.

Enthusiastic Love From Past Clients

Mike GiontaPresidentTheRecruiterU

"You two work so well together, so entertaining. Loved your session today! I've been referring people to you for training since we met."

Victoria BrahmaPresidentAIM Healthcare Recruiting

This is by far one of the best Recruiter Training Programs in the industry! Great investment and a must for, every Recruiter, in any field!

Jodi MayerPresidentClearmont
“Love the delivery of the material. You and Jason make it entertaining and the 2 hours go by quickly. The material is innovative, and scripts have gotten me back on the phone. I like the 5 days in a row and I can see why it makes sense. Loving the class and more importantly implementing!!”
Al BornGeneral ManagerElectronic Search, Inc.

"Tricia has been invaluable in teaching me new techniques on how to become a better recruiter. Her method of teaching is refreshing and engaging. She definitely keeps you engaged during her training sessions. I would highly recommend her."

Robbie SewellHealthcare Executive RecruiterSaddlebrook Associates

"Jason is a technical expert in sourcing and a philosophical/psychological ninja who translates human behavior into a recruitment methodology that disregards hackneyed sales techniques and defers to a more rational, enjoyable approach... You will profit greatly by being one of his students in any of the Moore programs."

Cat ColsonHeadhunterSage
Just wanted to thank you for the idea of “Just in Time” Recruiting. It’s been working well and I feel like I am more productive. Sometimes changing your mindset or just doing one thing differently can really make a difference. I felt like I was in a rut, so this really helped!!”
Jeff SchenkelGeneral Manager/COORiver Forest Country Club

I want to thank Tricia and Jason for their wonderful presentation they made to our Midwest Club Managers Spring Educational seminar. Their “165 Hour Interview” seminar was spectacular. They were very well prepared, informative, funny, and their presentation was very well received. They kept a group of weary managers entertained and engaged and were the hit of the weekend. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You won’t be bored!!!

Our after-conference survey of the attendees gave Tricia and Jason the highest rating of all our speakers. They received 10 out 10 across the board with many attendees looking to secure them for future educational events. They even hung out after the session was over and shared their insights with the attendees and answered questions well into the night.

As the Education Chair for our Chapter I and always looking for new and different speakers that can offer fresh insights into what we do. I will most certainly be calling Tricia and Jason for future events.

Shannon EncingerExecutive Banking RecruiterCastlestream

I attended Tricia and Jason’s seminar last Friday to learn how to utilize Boolean search strings in my recruiting role. She and Jason did a fantastic job! They were engaging, funny, patient, and great at sharing their knowledge and skills. I've never enjoyed a class or seminar the way I enjoyed theirs!

Meredith DalyPresidentGAPS

As President of the Georgia Association of Personnel Services, I invited Tricia and Jason to conduct a full day training session for our organization and the response from the attendees was fantastic! Everyone had a great time and we all walked away with fabulous new sourcing and development tools we could implement right away.Working with them to arrange this training was a real treat.Tricia is one of the most organized people you’ll meet, so it was a pleasure working with her to pull the event together.In true Moore eSSentials form, Tricia made herself my partner. We can’t wait to have them back!

Cielle SantistevanManager of OperationsHigh Country

Tricia and Jason are nothing short of a breeze to work with! Earlier this month they were guest speakers at a training event that I was running. It was my first time putting an event like this together and I couldn’t have asked for better guest speakers. Tricia had the agenda and content to me months prior to the event so I was able to market it and get the word out early. When the day of the event finally arrived, we ran into some technical difficulties and my first instinct was to panic but they found a work around and didn’t show the slightest glimmer of stress. We got through the day with no other issues but did run out of time before the presentation was over. Tricia and Jason made plans to finish the presentation via a webinar the following week. Feedback was great and the class itself was very informative! Can’t wait to have them back for more training.

Mike VinyardPresidentQualitec Consulting Group

Tricia & Jason provided very useful information to my organization utilizing techniques that produced results like none other.They are valued assets to have on your team.

Lisa GuidryCEOGeauxSource & Extreme Technologies Inc

Tricia brings a deep level of professional expertise to her clients. Her knowledge and passion for what she does is evident in the results that her clients receive from her classes. The one thing that sets her apart from other trainers is her character and integrity of ensuring your success beyond the transaction. It’s totally appreciated!

Dave BurrSenior PartnerSedgefield Search

Training can be a drag – when someone else pays for it. But when it’s on your own dime, you want something relevant and impactful. Tricia and Jason make training fun, but challenging, with different assignments and homework every day. If you want to coast, this isn’t for you; but if you seek measurable results (new clients and job orders), a class with Moore eSSentials is well worth your investment.

Dave AllenPresidentRich Connell Agri Search

Tricia and Jason are exceptional teachers with an uncanny way of getting the concepts across to their students. We had three of our staff involved in the class and we were all very well pleased with the results. They share an amazing ability to clearly and concisely answer questions and present complicated information so that it is very easy to understand...even for those of us who didn't grow up with computers!

Joseph RyanRecruiting ConsultantWashington Research Associates

Jason's style for recruiting is refreshing and forthright. Jason asked all the right questions and answered all the questions I had for him. From first contact to last, dealing with Jason was a real pleasure, he worked hard to get me to the next level. I appreciate Jason's enthusiasm, hard work and professionalism.

Victoria TravisPresidentTravis & Associates

I have worked with Jason Thibeault as a recruiter coach for the past two years. He has contributed to the success of my company in some many ways. His greatest assets are his knowledge base of sourcing and recruiting techniques and his dry sense of humor. He has a special ability to make the difficult almost easy. In my experience this is a sure sign of mastery. He loves a challenge: thrives on it in fact. So, whatever your challenge in the recruiting arena, please consider contacting him. You will sleep better, and your business will thrive.

Mike MolnarManaging PartnerGRN

Tricia is an excellent instructor/coach who has the unique ability to share her expert knowledge and creative ideas with everyone in a fun manner. She is patient and personable. She also demonstrates a deep interest that her clients learn. I look forward to taking additional courses with Tricia.

Eleanor MeekinsPresidentElenor Meekins & Associates

"I LOVE your training. You and Jason do such a great job. I cannot recommend you more highly."

Julie WillardPresidentThe Willard Group
"I was looking to leverage a lot of the great functionality within Facebook to develop and grow business by identifying my ideal clients in a more targeted manner. They showed me tools I wasn't even familiar with, and which could be put to practical use right away. Better yet, they taught it in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn...and enjoy. They're like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers."
Cindy HewittNational AdvisorShaw Communications
"I was looking to leverage a lot of the great functionality within Facebook to develop and grow business by identifying my ideal clients in a more targeted manner. They showed me tools I wasn't even familiar with, and which could be put to practical use right away. Better yet, they taught it in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to learn...and enjoy. They're like a one-stop shop for sourcing your ideal customers."
Greg EskewGeneral ManagerFlex Nursing

"The information they teach has limitless potential and their knowledge of the subject matter is remarkable."

Sam WattersonPhysician Relations Specialist
"Jason is an expert in his field. More importantly, Jason is willing to share his expertise - and he does so in a clear, understandable way. On more than once occasion, Jason went out of his way to help me reach some of my company goals."
Aimee AmbroseReporterKPC Media Group
"My skills have expanded exponentially thanks to Tricia Tamkin and fellow trainer/partner/Batman close, Jason Thibeault. They are an incomparable team and an invaluable wellspring of wisdom. Their internet searching techniques are unparalleled, and their training methods are easy and graceful."
Jason HulsPresidentTen Wing Media
"After taking Tricia and Jason's eSourcing program, I can't fathom how someone wouldn't have consistent work if their techniques are implemented properly. Beyond that, what they teach can be applied to any kind of online searching. It's extremely useful information. To say their tips are out-of-the-box is an understatement"
Jamey JacksonEVPJC Malone
"Moore eSSentials has been my sourcing partner of choice for over 5 years. Tricia and Jason know exactly how to consistently develop new strategic content and unroll it to the student in a way that makes perfect sense. Their ability to connect creative technology driven sourcing techniques with the talent acquisition process makes them a unique partner that is not readily available in the market today. If you’re looking for intuitive “ahead of the curve” sourcing strategies pick Moore eSSentials as your new partner! "
Irfan BalbaleAdministratorJK Consulting
"Tricia and Jason are Boolean experts and have done an excellent job on Training their Students Technical stuff in a fun way. After taking their webinar course, I was able to learn a lot of techniques to cut the time of my searches in half. It helped me to get more accurate results in finding Candidates and also discovering various sources to find them."
Jodi MayerPresidentClearmont
"Love the delivery of the material. You and Jason make it entertaining and the 2 hours go by quickly. The material is innovative, and scripts have gotten me back on the phone. I like the 5 days in a row and I can see why it makes sense. Loving the class and more importantly implementing!!"
Robert PeyserPrincipal Executive RecruiterTeema Solutions
 "I'm am so happy to give my highest praise to Moore eSSentials. It is truly the first course I have taken that satisfied my expectations. Most courses are boring and repetitive, and it takes the presenters many hours just to make one point. Not the case with Jason and Tricia! They are a movable feast of ideas, tactics and strategies. It's truly the first course I've taken that I didn't feel gypped by the cost. I got my money's worth and more so! ."