Extended Testimonials

Tiffany Stone
Marketing and Advertising BBR Search
“After being on the “yo/yo” ride of working a full desk for my own recruiting company, I became desperate for some type of training that would help me get off this roller coaster. If things didn’t get better, I was considering leaving the recruiting industry altogether. I found Client Cornucopia interesting, mostly because it was taught by individuals who do exactly what I do – they do all their own business development, then fill their own open positions. The course was jam packed with information – LOTS of information. It was a big commitment – especially when your day to day business carries on. But it was worth every second and every dollar spent. I found Tricia and Jason to be so personalized in their approach. If I ever had a question, or wanted more information on something we covered, they took time out of their busy schedules to speak with me one on one. Everything we learned was also made available to us via online documents – so we could keep and review at any time on our own. This included sample documents which we could customize for our own business needs afterwards. Tricia and Jason covered everything from “how to target your desired clients”, “how to cold call”, to “how to formulate your emails”. In addition, they also taught us how to create google alerts, use social media to step up awareness, and basic communication and relationship skills. My business has improved triple fold since taking this course in March. My client and candidate relationships have improved immensely, and once again I enjoy recruiting. Tricia and Jason are the real deal – not a fly by night sales scheme. They help you learn how to “work smarter”, not harder. And they are in this for the long haul! I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering.”

Patty Hampton
Nonprofit HR
“Tricia was a fabulous trainer in Boolean Sourcing, actually she was masterful. I truly appreciated her guidance, approach and attitude toward making sure that we understood the parameters of Boolean sourcing even if we were new. Knowing that you can stay connected through a forum was even better. There are so many times when you invest and then you are set out to pasture on your own. Thank goodness, Tricia doesn’t use this approach. Tricia also took time to speak with me prior to my decision to invest in the course and as a managing partner there were times when I wanted to run for the hills, but I stuck with the training. I have also invested in one of my top producers to be trained too. Tricia and her side kick Jason (LOL) who is actually a genius as well are super-fantastic.”

Pat Batchelor
DIY Engineering Job Search
“I highly recommend the Essentials class if you are sourcing potential candidates. This class helped me to use the internet so much more than I thought possible. To cast a wide net and then quickly cull through“Tricia and Jason are a verifiable treasure trove of information on the efficient use of Boolean searches for laser focused, high quality searches. After taking their webinar course, I was able to cut the time of my searches in half, and be able to come back with greater accuracy and relevancy on the candidate backgrounds.h the results to find the RIGHT CATCH! Interesting format, Great Content, Entertaining, and at times quite humorous. Best Bang for the Recruiter Training Buck!”

Laura Bailey
L Bailey Search Associates
“Top notch. Tricia’s training style and material are top notch, but the best part of the training program is the incredible attention to follow-up, and even more importantly, follow-through. I took Client Cornucopia and I am still amazed at the value that Tricia and Jason provided with the class time, the materials, the follow-through, and the way that they were willing to give even more of their time on top of the great material to speak with me personally – digging in to an area of special interest for me and my business. Tricia showed that she really cares about my success, and that is the best way that I can think of recommending her! If you are looking for a thought leader in the recruiting field look no further and take a course with Tricia and Jason.”

John Dunlap
John Dunlap and Company
“Tricia and her training partner, Jason Thibeault, were dynamic and engaging through an intensive course of instruction, forcing me to learn and apply Boolean methodology to my somewhat retro recruiting arsenal.The decision to hire Tricia to guide our quick move out to the leading edge was fortunate: I am now getting fast, fantastic results in both the sourcing and contact phase of executive search work, utilizing advanced search strings in the creative manner she so ably teaches. It has been an amazing value-add for a classically trained recruiter like myself. I’ve found I’ve had to throw away almost nothing. To the contrary, principles which have brought success in the past are now being used more profitably.”

Julie Willard
The Willard Group
“The eSourcing eSSentials course really opened my eyes that searching on-line goes WAY beyond Linkedin Recruiter, and that no one search string is the “magic bullet” to finding the right candidate. Tricia and Jason bring a wealth of knowledge about how to create a variety of search strings that capture people from many different places; places most of us would never have thought about! Even though I am a seasoned Recruiter, I believe I am now totally better equipped to find talent on-line than I ever was before. Their course is jam-packed with a ton of information so you definitely get your money’s worth! They also have a very good question period following each class in which they answer ALL your questions and correct the students search strings, which is super helpful. Great job Tricia and Jason and I look forward to your Mail Mastery course.”

Jennifer Garcia
Veritas Recruiting Group
“I took the eSourcing eSSentials course by Moore eSSentials. Tricia and Jason are the most entertaining Boolean wizards. Their course in sourcing on-line opened my rookie recruiter eyes into the different avenues of sourcing. They made the class fun and easy to understand, while answering all our questions. This class showed me techniques that will help me build a sturdy foundation in recruiting for years to come. The amount of information given in this course can be overwhelming, but Tricia and Jason take the time to break everything down. They make sure everyone understands before moving on. You will get your money’s worth with all the information provided.They do not stop there though, once the course is completed you have a connection to the Facebook forum that allows you to ask even more questions. Tricia and Jason, thank you for the knowledge and I hope to take more courses in the future!”

Dick Bordwell
GRN Fairfax
“When it comes to getting the most up to date methods for finding and researching available talent on the internet, Tricia is truly an expert in this field. The training she has provided over the last several weeks cover a number of diverse topics on internet sourcing and provide immediate results. The classes move quickly, are laced with humor, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The best part is the ability to fully cover questions and receive immediate feedback on the topics being covered in a weekly question and answer period. If you’re serious about getting your internet sourcing skills to another level, then Tricia can teach you those skills to get there, and then continue to keep you up to date on new developments. . .”

Nanette Foster
Foster Connor Recruiting
“I strongly encourage anyone that wants to increase their business to begin taking Moore eSSentials classes. I’ve taken three classes, and each time I’ve learned something that has increased my billing. These classes are the best ROI I’ve had for my business. To say that Tricia and Jason provide an extraordinary customer experience would be an understatement. They have provided additional coaching for the questions that have come up for me after the class was completed. I’m wowed by their dedication to their students. I am even more impressed by the content of the classes and the enjoyable format that they provide. I plan on continuing to enhance my skills through additional classes with Moore eSSentials. Their training is helping me stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends. I cannot thank Tricia and Jason enough for all they have done.”

Chanel Cantu
Choice Staffing
“Want to make more money – quicker, smarter, faster and above all BETTER than your competition? This is the class to take. My mind was blown on the language and search tactics I learned in the Morgan eSSentials class….and wondered why has it taken me this long to jump on board. After four weeks (I will admit, intense) – not only did I walk away with usable, applicable information that I immediately put to use…but by class 3 I had sourced a candidate not found on traditional boards/ web pages…and had her offer letter in hand by class 4! Tricia and Jason – your ability to make it understandable, user friendly and fun goes unmatched. Thank you!”

Cindy McWilliams
American College of Surgeons
“I have had the pleasure of working with Tricia Tamkin through Wolf Technologies, Inc. on multiple occasions, both while I was employed with Accenture and Allstate Insurance. Tricia is a consumate professional, a highly skilled subject matter expert in all aspects of recruting, and a real joy to work with. I frequently retained her services to fill extremely difficult requisitions, and I could always count on her to set clear, realistic expectations and ultimately to deliver the high quality, targeted candidates I was seeking. Tricia operates as a true partner in the hiring process - her energy, excitement and enthusiasm make the process enjoyable from start to finish. Tricia has earned my highest respect over many years of doing business with her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make the right hiring decisions for their organization."