We Aren’t Cheap
You Shouldn’t be Either

Price is Irrelevant Without Alignment

Whenever exploring an offering like ours, we think it’s critically important you like and respect your advisors. It doesn’t matter how much something costs if you don’t like the people. We have strong opinions about the industry, and you should be aware of them before choosing to work with us.

You can read our Defining Characteristics & Inconvenient Truths and decide. 

Why Are You Here?

More Candidates Faster

You need candidates and you need them now. You’re sick of relying on LinkedIn (and paying for it). You want to decrease sourcing time by 80%.

Better, or Retained, Clients

You’re tired of chasing contingency deals, clients are misbehaving, and you struggle to close money in advance. You need better clients. 

Building & Scaling are Hard

Whether you’ve only explored the idea of entrepreneurship, or you’ve already taken the plunge, now it’s time to refine and scale to the next level.

Solve a Unique Problem

We’re problem solvers and have massive experience in all things recruiting. You have a problem and we’d can help you solve it.

Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two

The techniques and approaches we use are always tested, current, and effective – which means they’re constantly evolving and changing. If everyone could afford it, the market would become saturated and the techniques would stop working.

Nobody wants that, especially us.

It’s annoying (and possibly dishonest) when companies are squirrely about pricing. We think transparency is best. Some things require custom pricing, but most don’t.  See a list of all our offerings and the related investment below. 

Artificial Intelligence for Recruiters

Rapidly optimize your efficiency, change your life

$1000 for each additional seat. Includes all Fast Formulas & updates

$5000 f/s

eSourcing eSSentials Live!

Decrease your sourcing time by 80%

$3000 p/p

eSourcing eSSentials On Demand

Decrease your sourcing time by 80%

$5000 for first seat, $1000 for each additional seat

$5000 f/s

CoES Group Coaching

For recruiters who value continuous improvement

No commitment, cancel anytime

$1000 p/m

CoES Private Coaching

For recruiters who want individual, private help

Five month commitment, cancel anytime after, training included

$3000 p/m