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Challenges and Opportunities for Recruiters

The move towards skills-based hiring brings both challenges and opportunities for recruiters. In the article, they talk about both, but what they describe for us as challenges are actually also opportunities (maybe highlighting the general public’s lack of understanding of our roles and what we do.) One of the challenges they wrote about was casting a wider net… and somehow a wider candidate pool is a bad thing? Nope. It’s an opportunity.

What Can We Really Do?

Our influence in this process is often overestimated (unless you’re a high level internal TA leader), but there are a few things we can do.

  •     Educating and Advising Clients on using a more skills-based approach
  •     Incorporating Skill Assessments: Using more skill assessments and simulations in the screening process, which can now easily be supported with GPTs.
  •     Client Collaboration: Working closely with clients to understand the specific skills required for each role and to define acceptable evidence of those skills.
  •     Sharing Success Stories: Providing examples of successful non-degreed hires and best practices from other organizations.
  •     Advocating for Benefits: Highlighting the advantages of skills-based hiring, such as expanded talent pools, increased diversity, and improved retention rates (non-degreed hires are 20% more likely to stay with their companies than their degree-holding peers).

The HBR/MBA shift towards skills-based hiring might just be in concept and not in practice. Are any of you seeing your clients focusing on this as an approach, or does it seem the same as it ever was? 

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Tricia Tamkin, headhunter, advisor, coach, and gladiator. Tricia has spoken at over 50 recruiting events, been quoted in multiple national publications, and her name is often dropped in groups as the solution to any recruiters’ challenges. She brings over 30 years of deep recruiting experience and offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining.

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