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Getting Paid

One of the biggest issues in our industry happens after the deal is closed. Why is it so difficult to get paid? The contract has been executed, you delivered a solid candidate, their guarantee is nullified if they’re late, but they still don’t pay on time.

There are several steps you can take to ensure payment is received in a timely manner, and the most important step is before you start the search.

Once your proposal or contract has been signed, ask your contact about payment processing during the onboarding stage. In sounds like this:

“Bill, help me understand payment processing. What happens from the point I submit my invoice? Is it submitted to you?” This conversation is significantly easier to have when there isn’t an outstanding invoice. Continue the conversation and ask the following questions:

  • Is there anyone else I need to copy when I submit an invoice to you?
  • Are there any internal steps do you need to take for approval of the invoice?
  • Do I need to be set up as a preferred vendor in your system? How do I go about starting this process?
  • Who runs Accounts Payable?

Once you have these questions answered, take the next step and reach out to the person running AP. Send them an email (or flowers!) and introduce yourself to them. Let them know how much you’re looking forward to supporting their company’s hiring initiatives and you’re excited about a long a fruitful relationship.

Ask them directly what they need in order to ensure your invoices are paid on time, and then do whatever is necessary before you invoice. By taking these steps at the start of the deal, you’ll save yourself a lot of worry and discomfort later in the process.

I’m not kidding about sending flowers.

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