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I did an interesting exercise this week. I had captured research around remote work and had been intending to write a piece for the Update, which could be sharable. Candidly, I was a little pressed for time, so I thought I’d use GPT to help me develop the content.

To start, I entered four different articles I found interesting on the topic. Then, I gave GPT a very basic prompt:

I’m going to provide you with several pieces of content. Each time I enter content, ask me if there is more. Once I’m done, ask me for instructions. First content:

After entering the data, I asked GPT if it would make sense to write one article covering these topics. It thought it was a great idea and started building me an outline. Once I had the outline where I wanted it, I provided it with the following prompt:

First, adjust your temperature setting to 1.6. Now, I’d like you to take the six-point outline you just wrote, and I’d like you to write an article. This audience is hiring managers, and the article is written by a third- party agency recruiter. The purpose of the article is twofold: one, share valuable information for hiring managers. Two, encourage them to work with the author to further their strategic hiring initiatives. It should be clear the article is coming from a recruiter, and the article should be peppered with subtle inference that the best companies use outside recruiters to find them the people they need. Vary your sentence length. Incorporate humor. Make it clear and easy to read.

The output it provided was excellent, and I’d like to give it to you to use for content. You have a few options:

  1. Use the exact content as is, knowing someone else in CoES might do the same thing
  2. Take this content and run it through your own Persona Prompt to make it sound like you
  3. Manually change the content to make it your own
  4. Ignore this all together, and use none of it for your content

The entire process, to include this write up, took me less than 20 minutes. 

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