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Self-Assessment vs. Inner Critic

Self-Assessment vs. Inner Critic

There’s a fine line between self-assessment for the purposes of improvement and beating yourself up. There’s also a fine line between honest self-assessment and letting yourself off the hook with excuses for things you didn’t do or didn’t do well.

Learning to walk that line in both directions is a difficult feat, but paramount in our development. It takes a lifetime to learn to balance on that tightrope.

You’ve heard Jason tell you repeatedly, it’s okay to go backward in time to assess what you might have done better, but only ONCE. Dwelling on a past mistake serves no positive purpose. The one time you look backward, remember these key ideas:

  • Push all feelings aside
  • Evaluate only the facts
  • Ensure your facts are true
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Implement the plan

Our feelings about a situation do not have a place in this process. The feelings are what get you in trouble. Once we remove the feelings, the facts become much more apparent and the process becomes valuable. 

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Tricia Tamkin, headhunter, advisor, coach, and gladiator. Tricia has spoken at over 50 recruiting events, been quoted in multiple national publications, and her name is often dropped in groups as the solution to any recruiters’ challenges. She brings over 30 years of deep recruiting experience and offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining.

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