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Asking Great Questions

We talk a lot about the importance of being a chameleon when it comes to pricing. All pricing should be fluid. Think about your easiest placement. Now think about your hardest. Why in the world would those two placements be at the same price point? They shouldn’t.

It’s all well and good to talk about being flexible, and adapting to the needs of your clients, but what does it really mean?

For starters, we need to have a complete list of offerings and pricing. Not to share with clients, but to have a starting point for discussions. Each of you will price your offerings differently, but we can all have similar offerings.

Here’s a starting list:

  • Contingency Search
  • Engaged/Retained Search
  • Contract Recruiting
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Prequalification
  • Recruiting Workflow Design
  • Hiring Team Training
  • Outplacement for Exiting Staff
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Employer Brand Management

Do you offer all these services? What does each one entail and how much does it cost? This is excellent Thinking Time. 

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Tricia Tamkin, headhunter, advisor, coach, and gladiator. Tricia has spoken at over 50 recruiting events, been quoted in multiple national publications, and her name is often dropped in groups as the solution to any recruiters’ challenges. She brings over 30 years of deep recruiting experience and offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining.

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