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Automate What?

I saw an article recently which caught my attention. The headline was, “3 Time-Consuming Tasks Recruiters Should Be Automating in 2019.” Catchy, and hopefully with something interesting inside.

The first of the golden three things we should be automating was “Candidate Registration.” You’ll see the paragraph above for context.

Please don’t do this. We have less than 4% unemployment, and as recruiters, we know that means a massively candidate short market. Our candidates are being bombarded by recruiters with InMails, emails, phone calls, text messages, direct messages, and Facebook ads. They are inundated with requests to connect, new job opportunities, and recruiters who want to “get to know them a little better.”

In order to get qualified, passive candidates, we need to court them. Yes, court, like old fashioned dating. No part of that includes filling out a web application or expecting your candidate to be your administrative assistant.

Yesterday, I was setting up a call with one of our students, Mark. (Sorry, Mark.) I’d seen an ad campaign he’d done for business development through LinkedIn and wanted to offer some suggestions for improvement. We exchanged an email and then he told me to click the link in his signature to set up a time with him. So, I did.

What followed was a multi-step process where I entered my time zone, my name, my company, my email, and then my phone number. Now I must select the “type” of call we’re going to have, but the choices don’t allow for the actual nature of our call, so I’m not sure what to pick. I go with Discovery as my option, thinking I’m done. Nope. I must write a summary of the topic of the call.

By the time I was done, I feared I’d need to let him know I’m not giving up my social security number, first born, or shoe size. It took over 7 minutes to schedule a time on his calendar so I could do him a favor. Something is wrong with this picture.

This was only to schedule an appointment, not to apply for a job.

We say we want the best candidates out there, but there’s no way I’d fill out an online application and register my candidacy unless I was so desperate for a new job, I had nothing better to do with my time. Is that who you want to present to your clients?

Stop having candidates fill out an application.

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  1. Debbie

    I totally agree! I cancelled my “automatic” scheduling software after I received a link from someone else to schedule a call and got to experience the process from the other side.

  2. Linda

    Very helpful article. It makes good sense. I am pleased you shared your experience .

  3. Bernadette

    I don’t agree with it taking 7 minutes, but I think they are effective. Just this week I was reaching out to a few service providers and the one I don’t have an appointment with yet is the only one that didn’t allow me to click on a link!

  4. Hunter Reid

    Wise words Tricia, thanks for your advice.
    In today’s current job market and the foreseeable future if recruitment is not high touch one should fully expect exceptionally low conversion. Building relationships has become far more important than in recent years (though I would argue relationships have always been important) and those who focus on old school courting will find it pays exceptional dividends, especially in this market climate.

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