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Personalization in Recruiting

Do you happen to remember the buzz around Starbucks writing names on cups? That wasn’t just a coffee trend; it’s a golden nugget for recruiters. Every interaction with a candidate is like handing them their personalized coffee cup. You’re not just filling a position; you’re offering a tailored experience that resonates. This personal touch might seem daunting, but its impact is undeniable. It’s the difference between a candidate remembering your call and considering your offer, or just blending into their busy day.

Why Personalization Matters in Recruiting Personalization is not just a fancy term; it’s a strategy with measurable impact. When you personalize your approach, candidates feel more than just a part of the process; they feel valued. They’re not just another resume in the stack; they’re the unique professional you’re excited to talk to. This level of personalization elevates their experience and, in turn, your success as a recruiter.

  1. Always Address Candidates by Name Here’s a tip straight from the marketing playbook: use the candidate’s name, and make sure it’s spelled correctly. It’s a small gesture, but it makes a world of difference. Whether it’s in your emails, phone calls, or even LinkedIn messages, addressing candidates by name creates a connection. It shows you’ve taken the time to know them, not just their skill set. This familiarity builds trust, a key ingredient in successful recruiting.
  2. Contextual Recruiting Gone are the days of generic job postings hoping to attract the right talent. Contextual recruiting is about understanding the ‘why’ and ‘when’ of a candidate’s career journey. It’s about being where they are, not just expecting them to find you. We need to be prospecting and reaching out to passive candidates. If you’re not doing this, you’re leaving money on the table.
  3. Automate to Personalize Leverage technology to personalize the recruiting process without overwhelming yourself. Automated tools can help you track candidate interactions and provide timely, personalized follow-ups. Imagine a candidate visits your firm’s website but doesn’t submit their resume. This would be an ideal time to have a retargeting pixel on your website so you can serve ads to the people who haven’t engaged, but still raised their hand with some level of interest. Let us know if you’d like training on how to add this pixel to your site.

The Future of Recruiting is Personal. Remember, recruiting is not just about filling positions; it’s about building relationships. Every point of contact is an opportunity to personalize, to make a candidate feel valued. By incorporating these strategies, you’re not just recruiting; you’re creating an experience, a journey that candidates will remember and appreciate. So, take a page from the Starbucks playbook, and start personalizing your recruiting approach today. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.


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Tricia Tamkin, headhunter, advisor, coach, and gladiator. Tricia has spoken at over 50 recruiting events, been quoted in multiple national publications, and her name is often dropped in groups as the solution to any recruiters’ challenges. She brings over 30 years of deep recruiting experience and offers counsel in a way which is perspective changing and entertaining.

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