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Recruiter Happiness

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to give than receive… But you may not have known this is literally, physically true for your health as well. Let me explain.

Picture two recruiters with different motivations. The first is working to close deals to line his pockets, and the second is trying to help people and companies into more ideal situations. In this example, the first is approaching work as something where they can take as much as possible. The second is trying to give.

Happiness is about receiving, but we get meaning from giving. That first recruiter is receiving checks, and income makes us all happy. The second recruiter is still getting paid, but working to help others. That recruiter has a greater sense of meaning.

A few studies have shown those people who feel their work has meaning are healthier than those who feel they are happy at work. In fact, those people who are happy, but lack meaning, have the same gene expression patterns as those who endure chronic adversity. (Sorry to get all “sciency.”) If you want any of those study links sent to you, reply to this email and let me know.

Let me help you have some meaning from recruiting. When you find someone a job, you are helping them. Not just them, but their families as well. If you place just one person a month for a year, that’s about 50 people, once you add in their families. One thousand people every 20 years. The client gets a benefit too. No more worry, burden, or struggle with the open position. More productivity and more revenue for both the hiring manager and the company as a whole.

Continue following that river and you can see how you are helping the economy, increasing tax revenue – which is used to build schools, roads, and protect the nation. Thanks for that.

We can help you too. If you have an area where you need help or training, contact either one of us. We’re happy to help. or

PS- For those amateur philosophers keeping score, this means Aristotle was more right than Epicurus. Backed by science.


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Jason Thibeault, acclaimed recruiter, trainer, coach, and superhero. Jason brings decades of experience in search, and is also a published author, a black belt martial artist and a former chess champ. His specialty is getting into the minds of people and unlocking the big picture and clearing the next obstacle. You’ll have so much fun with him; it won’t feel like work. 

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