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Remote Work Data

There’s tremendous inequity around who can work from home and who has to go into a physical job. Recent studies show only 10% of jobs at 60K per year offer remote, but 30% offer it for jobs paying 200K. And this gap is continuing to widen.

But it’s not just based on compensation. If you are a recent grad or an entry level job, you have a 3% chance of working remote. If you have over seven years of experience, that number jumps to ~25%. If you have a post-grad education, you have a 30% chance. No college degree? Not likely going to work from home, unless you’re hosting a daycare service.

This begs the question, is this an equality issue or based on role and responsibilities? The manager at a restaurant can’t work remotely, but the CFO of the restaurant chain can. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of surprises in the data. But it would be easy to feel it unfair if you weren’t able to work remotely.

I’d love to see managers in these situations offer a four day week. Nurses do it all the time. Schools are implementing it across the country. Study after study shows we’re more productive if we only work four days a week. This would be a terrific way to offset the portion of the workforce who aren’t afforded this luxury.

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