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Surviving Summer Travel

Lots of travel happens over the summer. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the world, so whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, we have some thoughts on helping you get through it.

Take the right technology. Laptops are thinner and lighter than ever. Tricia uses a Surface, which is about 2 pounds and half an inch thick. When traveling, Jason uses an HP Spectre 2 in 1, so it can be both a tablet and laptop. While heavier, it also gives a battery life exceeding 12 hours. That means you can work on the plane and still have juice on arrival. Often, we see recruiters with older technology, because ours isn’t a tech job. But that old laptop is leaving an impression on your clients. Go faster, save weight and space, and upgrade if its time.
Use your travel time wisely. On a plane, you can easily catch up on a business book. And a Kindle can hold thousands of them. In a car, we often do brainstorming sessions. Those can cover new strategies, how to handle a meeting, or even on-the-go research about the company we are visiting. Sure, singing along to the radio is a road trip tradition, but long stretches of road can also be a great kickstarter to your creativity. Don’t dread it!
Do business where you vacation. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Booking client meetings in locations you’d like to visit is like having miniature tax-deductible vacations. If you are the kind of person who despises business travel, this can make the entire trip much more enjoyable. We like to set up multiple meetings. If you did one a day for five days, you are likely to end up with at least one new client and five half-days of tax deductible vacation for your trouble.
Network. Tricia is amazing at this. Jason less so. Make an effort to talk to tons of strangers. I know, your mom said not to, but the time has come. It really doesn’t matter who. If you strike up a conversation with a resort owner in the Bahamas, maybe you make a friend, maybe you end up making an international placement. Either way, isn’t it worth ten minutes?
Relax. You’re traveling. Maybe it’s to New Jersey, maybe to a sandy beach. Either way, you are getting to do something most people in the world haven’t done. Less than 20% of the world has ever flown somewhere, and less than 20% of the world owns a car. You’re already ahead of the curve. If you can de-stress and enjoy your trip, you’ll be that much more productive when you return.
Let us know if you have any travel tips you are willing to share

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