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2024 Goal Setting Precursor

As we are already into the fourth quarter, it’s time to start thinking about goals for next year. We’ll teach a program on this in December, but our overachievers have already started planning for 2024, so we wanted to provide some additional direction.

Let’s start with the idea that we can’t make someone take a job and we can’t make someone extend an offer. I believe the reason we’re paid significantly is to offset the ambiguity and lack of control we have around our income.

If we can’t make offers go out or be accepted, how do we set goals and plan for the new year?

There’s only one thing you have control over, and that’s your activity. The number one focus for tracking all production is Sendouts. A Sendout is the first time a candidate has an interview with your client, but only the first interview. It doesn’t matter if it’s with HR or the Hiring Manager. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone call, Zoom or in person. The first time a candidate talks to a company, it’s considered a Sendout.

If you arrange interviews for the same candidate at two different companies, it would be considered two Sendouts. If your candidate is asked back for a second interview, it’s not considered a Sendout. The Sendout is only the first interview arranged.
When setting targets for the new year, stay away from the number of deals or revenue. You can’t control those. Focus on how many Sendouts you can arrange per month. The stretch target is 5 per week. At that pace, assuming a decent average fee, you’ll likely exceed 500K per year, and more likely exceed 800k.

Sendouts are the primary metric for all of us as recruiters. As you start thinking about your goals for next year, shift your focus to Sendouts and you’ll see your revenue skyrocket.  

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